The application deadline is fast approaching for the CREATE-X Startup Launch Program. Startup Launch is a 12-week summer program where you and your co-founders get to work on launching your startup! Plus, you’ll receive $4k in funding, $50k in pro-bono legal/accounting consulting, coaching, coworking space, and mentorship to take your products to market.

Have you been eyeing the Startup Launch application? Below are 5 tips for a successful application.  

Choose something you’re passionate about

CREATE-X Startup Launch is industry agnostic, which means we accept ideas of any kind. We’ve had startups ranging from education to fashion to biomedical. We also accept startups anywhere from the idea stage to a fully developed product.

Grab a friend

We require that at least one team member is a Georgia Tech student or alumni. The rest of your team can involve students attending other universities, coworkers, or even a family member with your same ambitions. You also need at least two members who are committed full time to the startup.* Running a startup is a difficult process. You will need support and having two different perspectives on your team can help you develop a better product.

*Note: If you only have one team member at the time you fill out the application, go ahead and fill it out! As long as you find a team member by April, you can participate in the program.

Do your market research

Is there a demand for your product? If so, did you talk to some potential customers? How many people are interested in your service? Have a general idea of who your target customer is.

Focus on solving one problem

What is your customers’ biggest concern? Having added features is nice but if you focus too much on the extra lights, you may lose sight of the goal. Make sure you understand why your customers have that problem and think about the best solution.

Submitting a video? Here are some guidelines

Create something simple! Record yourself explaining why you would love to join Startup Launch. If you have a prototype, show it off. This video can be anything you want it to be as long as it shows your enthusiasm and is relevant to your project.

Once you’re done recording, upload your video to Dropbox or YouTube and add the link to your application.

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