The Georgia Tech Founder's Pledge is a non-binding pledge, as an individual, to support Georgia Tech with a gift that makes sense to you. You determine the timing, the amount, and the target programs for your gift.

When you make a Georgia Tech Founder's Pledge, you become part of a family of Georgia Tech entrepreneurs who have publicly signaled their intent to support the school. You demonstrate a philanthropic mindset and inspire your peers to do the same.

Founders' Pledge FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? We have the answers! Review these most commonly-asked questions for CREATE-X students and alumni interested in making the Founder's Pledge.

Founders' Pledge

Make the Pledge

Simply fill out a form with your name, contact information, and current affiliation to indicate your non-binding pledge. You may choose to remain anonymous on the pledge listings.


Luka Antolic-Soban

CEO, Sanus Solutions

Ketan Bhardwaj

Founder, AirBox Inc.

Zach Cloud

Founder, StartProto

Jeremy Epps

Founder, RotorX

John Gattuso


Thomas Gentle

CEO, Shotcall, LLC

Vien Ha

Founder, iSimuVR

Nolan Hall

Owner, TopTime Coffee

Kolby Hanley

Founder and CEO, UltraView Archery

India Hayes

CEO and Co-Founder, Mini City

Cory Hewett

CEO, Gimme Vending, Inc.

Ronald Johnson

CEO and Co-Founder, TiiRN

Reid Kersey

CEO, Sniffer GPS

Song Kue

CEO & Founder, MiraBlue Bio

Tanner Leggett

CEO & Founder, Mandala Soundworks, LLC

Patrick Pittaluga

COO & Co-Founder, Grubbly Farms

Vedant Pradeep

Founder, Glucobit Inc.

Seth Radman

Founder and CEO, Crescendo

Mahdi Roozbahani

CTO, Filio

Nick Shea

Founder/CEO, Athlead

Blake Van Leer

Founder, CEO, CGO, and Advisor, MyBLVD, Proto AI, Padfinder, and Kathy Ireland Worldwide