LEARN provides knowledge through experiential learning, exposing students to startup concepts and teaching them the methodology of evidence-based entrepreneurship.Offering a series of classes, seminars and workshops, LEARN enables students to identify failures while in the classroom instead of in the market.

"The CREATE-X LEARN programs are important for our students because we teach them the process of evidence-based entrepreneurship. Through this process, students learn how to identify business failures in the lab instead of in the market. LEARN is a vital part of CREATE-X because we give students a zero risk opportunity to examine their startup ideas within the context of their formal education. Where else can students test their startup ideas and simultaneously boost their GPAs?"

-Joyelle Harris, associate director, LEARN


The LEARN program includes: 

  • Startup Lab teaches evidence-based entrepreneurship. This semester-long 3-credit class covers ideation, teaming, customer discovery, MVPs, and the business model canvas.
  • Tech Ventures is a graduate level class that teaches the theory and practice of startups. It is an interdisciplinary class that offers 3-credits.
  • CREATE-X Scholars is a scholarship program for incoming freshmen students who want to launch a startup in the future.