Watch a CREATE-X Overview from Georgia Tech President Ángel Cabrera

LAUNCH provides students the funding, coaching, and legal advice to launch their startups and take their products to market. Startup Launch is where students “intern” to launch their startups. Teams are provided with seed funding, legal services, space, mentorship, IP protection, and visibility.

  • Gain confidence: Take advantage of rigorous professional pitch training – learning how to position your startup and speak in front of a crowd
  • Find an investor: At Demo Day, investors can attend and learn about your company. Mentors and corporate partners can also serve as potential investors.
  • Take your startup to market: Gain visibility in the Atlanta startup community. Officially launch your company and take your product to market

"Launch provides students an incredible opportunity to create real startups. We have helped launch more than 115 companies over the last four years. This is easily the largest number of student startups launched by any college campus in the country over this period.”

-Raghupathy "Siva" Sivakumar, director, CREATE-X

The LAUNCH element constitutes taking acquired skills from the LEARN and MAKE elements to the next level. Through LAUNCH, CREATE-XSM is working to establish Georgia Tech as the number one startup campus in the nation with the most funded student startup enterprises. LAUNCH provides students with seed funding, legal services, intensive coaching and mentorship to launch successful ventures. The LAUNCH program includes Startup Launch, a 12-week program where students “intern” to launch their startup. The pilot program was launched in Summer 2014 with eight teams and 30 students participating from a wide variety of disciplines. In 2020, the program helped students launch 70+ startups.

Check out this year's video for an overview of our successful startup teams.