CREATE-X, in partnership with the Enterprise Innovation Institute’s (EI²) Medellín Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (GTMC), has rolled out its first international program in Medellín, Colombia.

Ryan Babaie, Jared Duncan (a Georgia Tech graduate but not a Startup Launch alumnus), and Alex Nussey, founders of Wattch; Vedant Pradeep, co-founder of Reframe; and Seth Radman, co-founder of Infinite Giving, made this year’s list.

Over 1,500 people came to support 75 Georgia Tech startups created by students, alumni, and faculty for Demo Day.

CREATE-X’s Startup Launch will introduce its 10th cohort of talented startup founders on Demo Day, Aug. 31, 5 – 7p.m., in the Exhibition Hall.

Yolanda Payne, former Jim Pope Fellow in Georgia Tech’s VentureLab, didn’t pitch an app or new technology to get CREATE-X’s support for her startup, but she did propose a solution for a problem.

Through CREATE-X, Corey Hewitt, cofounder of Gimmer Vending, and his cofounder, Evan Jarecki, convinced investors to buy-into their product and launch something that revolutionized the vending industry.

On March 31, 2023, In Good Company placed third in the Sustainable-X Showcase. With the help of prize money, investment, and participation in a startup launch program, the In Good Company founders are working to achieve their mission.

Nathanael Koh (CmpE ’22), Ivan Zou (CmpE ’23), and Bowen “Bruce” Tan (a second-year computer science major) created Raccoon Eyes, to discover why students throw food away and to help dining hall managers address the problem.

On April 1, eight teams, comprised of both Georgia Tech and Emory University students, presented solutions to tackle mental health challenges and improve wellbeing, at the 2023 EGHI/GT Hackathon for Mental Health Technologies Hackathon.

Fungi fashion, cricket-based snacks, and an improved for IUD insertion. These were the winning products of the Spring 2023 I2P Showcase, which had over 30 on display. Each team came with their own missions, apprehensions, and lessons learned before reachi