Tech Ventures

Tech Ventures (ECE 8803)

In this course, different elements including customer discovery, cognitive biases, rapid prototyping, and pivots will be covered. In addition, general entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship topics such as teaming, ideation, leadership, negotiation, and capital raises will be covered. Principles of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship will be included.

Topical Outline Overview
The course will have two phases, with the phases organized in parallel. The first phase is a lecture series that will focus on the elements of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship ranging from how opportunities are identified, to how ideas are conceived, to what customer discovery means, etc.

The second phase is a laboratory that will focus on developing the core of a business model for an actual startup idea. In this phase, students will conceive a startup idea, perform customer discovery to form a compelling business model, and seek customer validation to prove market viability of the startup concept.

"CREATE-X has absolutely changed my life, as an individual and as an aspiring entrepreneur. During Tech Ventures, a graduate level course on customer discovery, Siva and Pam taught us a process and structure to follow for validation of Product-Market fit through customer discovery. Startups are incredibly nebulous by definition and by teaching us a path/structure to follow, the CREATE-X team really helped me develop confidence in my ability to create and sell a product." 

-Vaibhav Kumar, CREATE-X alum