A social networking platform to help drive creative collaboration and personal brand empowerment for underground hip hop professionals in Atlanta.
Aerodyme Technologies
An aero attachment for tractor trailer that will save companies more money than anything else available on the market today.
AuxBox allows everyone to upload music to real-time queue where it can be played by the channel host.
BackBar Solutions
Automated cocktail dispensing for high volume bars.
Board Off
Board Off helps watersports centers handle every aspect of their day-to-day management, while growing their customer base and increasing revenue.
Brainstream Tutoring
An online group tutoring platform that allows students affordable tutoring while providing higher wages for tutors.
BUTI Diners
Simplify the ordering, payment, and customer engagement process for partner restaurants.
Owners of local restaurant chains will purchase an inventory management platform so they can make data driven decisions and reduce operational costs.
Countable Technologies
Countable uses Wi-Fi technology to provide retail stores with a foot traffic data platform, allowing for optimized staffing and more effective marketing.
A productivity application that uses natural language processing to create an easy input experience and AIproduced quizzes or “envisioners” to ensure task completion.
Dean + Golden Education
We partner with schools to mend resource gaps in personnel and finances through a la carte style test prep, college advising, and mentorship offerings.
Edicratic is a crowdsourced essay editing platform where college applicants can get feedback from students at their dream school on their college essays.
Ethos Medical
Ethos is making spinal taps quicker and safer by providing an intuitive real-time needle guidance system for use right at the patient’s bedside.
We are creating an all-natural alternative to antibiotics that will be used for raising baby chicks to improve their health.
Highview Tech
Parking lot revenue maximization with little to no effort.
ILHA Cosmetics
Our purpose is to create a cosmetic primer that allows users to wear makeup without being exposed to acne breakouts by using natural materials.
Insight Optics, Inc.
Insight Optics improves patient care with a platform for general practitioners to record and refer videos to local eye care specialists.
A ring used to ease, speed up, and facilitate teaching the process of tying fishing knots. For all, from first-time fishers to expert anglers.
Communicating real-time logistics data within the trucking industry.
LandingPad helps Airbnb hosts differentiate their properties and improve conversion by providing direct booking websites.
Local Comforts
Hyper-localized comfortable clothing.
Medsur Inc.
Medsur Inc. is alleviating period leak anxieties through tampon innovation.
This project will revolutionize engineering education by replacing traditional textbooks with affordable hands-on experiments.
MoneyPie is an app that lets you set savings goals for yourself and then motivates you to accomplish them through a competitive saving game.
Next Century Farms
Next Century Farms provides a portfolio of automation solutions that allow farmers and integrators the ability to remotely monitor and adjust the conditions inside of poultry houses.
The vape for people who are sick of vaping.
Robotic orchestration software.
Precision Neurodynamics
Precision medicine for deep brain stimulation.
Ryze is your smart crypto investment advisor.
Sima is a lending platform for friends and family.
Smurna is clothing brand focused on repurposing second-hand clothes.
Sonic Instruments
MO-Band is an innovative wireless wearable MIDI controller which allows musicians to control music by gesture.
Sora Schools
Sora is an online, project-based high school where students explore their interests, learn however is best for them, and gain valuable exposure to future careers and fields of study.
STEMulation Escape Room
STEMulating escape room experiences for middle and high school students.
swatchcandy is an app that helps makeup lovers find their perfect color.
A smart, wearable device that enforces beginner violinists to develop a proper playing posture for their hands.
Walimu is an Esports Coaching Marketplace.
YourThings provides a comprehensive security evaluation of home-based smart devices to inform users of good and poor devices.