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<p>Crescendo Acquisition</p>

Startup Crescendo acquired by Ultimate Guitar

Georgia Parmelee

Georgia Tech College of Engineering


February 24, 2020
Atlanta, GA
<p>Building Blocks of the Strategic Plan</p>

Georgia Tech has released the draft of its strategic plan document for community feedback and is accepting applications for working groups.

February 20, 2020
Atlanta, GA

The swatchcandy app, which won first place in the Convergence Innovation Competition (CIC), helps people – especially those with deep skin tones – find makeup to complement their complexion.

Alyson Powell Key

Research Communications Program Manager

Institute for People and Technology

February 20, 2020
Atlanta, GA
<p>Ethos Medical NSF Grant 2/18/20</p>

Ethos Medical, founded by three engineering alums, secured funding to test their lumbar puncture system

Polly Ouellette

February 18, 2020
Atlanta, GA

CS majors are working through Create-X to create an new platform for artistic collaboration.

Allie McFadden, Communications Officer

February 13, 2020
Atlanta, GA
<p>Hey Alexa, tell me about CREATE-X! We are the fifth university to be awarded support through the Amazon Alexa Fellowship, which will allow CREATE-X and the Alexa fund to work together with early-stage startups to innovate using voice-based technology. Check it out!</p>

Funding to support innovation for voice-based technology and conversational AI

Georgia Parmelee

Communications Program Manager

February 10, 2020
Atlanta, GA
<p>FireHUD's BioTrac body-worn sensor, which collects real-time physiological data to monitor for overexertion. (Photo Courtesy: FireHUD)</p>

FireHUD's reimagined platform monitors physiological data in real-time to guard against overexertion.

Joshua Stewart


December 2, 2019
Atlanta, GA
October 29, 2019
<p>Website header</p>

Avoid staying hangry by using Queues, a CREATE-X alumn company, to know how long wait times are at campus dining locations

Joanna Oliva

Marketing and Event Coordinator

October 28, 2019
Atlanta, GA