CREATE-X is a Georgia Tech initiative to instill entrepreneurial confidence in students and empower them to launch real startups. Join the CREATE-X Mentorship Program for the opportunity to serve as a mentor to Georgia Tech students interested in startups. With your guidance, aspiring entrepreneurs can shape their business idea and bring it to market. Mentorship enables you to give back to students, who will greatly benefit from your business expertise.

Our mentors are industry veterans, experienced entrepreneurs and successful alumni. By becoming a mentor, you are instantly embedded into the Atlanta startup ecosystem at the ground floor. If you are looking to fund a fledgling company, CREATE-X gives you the opportunity to observe the student-founded startups early.

Looking to join a startup? There are student teams creating businesses across many industries, and they need professionals who can provide strategic direction. In fact, students who participate in CREATE-X come from 35 different majors and work in interdisciplinary teams.

Join CREATE-X as a mentor and tap into the innovation occurring on Tech’s campus.

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As a mentor, you will advise a student startup during Startup Launch, an intensive 12-week course that helps teams of entrepreneurially minded students launch startups based on their ideas, inventions and prototypes. After your semester of mentorship concludes, you have the opportunity to continue serving as an ad hoc advisor to your teams, should your schedule allow.The time commitment is typically two hours per week.



After Startup Launch teams are finalized, a list of available mentors will be shared with all teams. Information on the mentors such as where they work, areas of interest and contact information will be available to students. Similarly, a list of startups in the program, with a brief description of what the startup does, will be shared with mentors. Teams and mentors then rank who they want to work with, and a matching system will pair them.The teams will reach out to the mentors as soon as they are matched to initiate a regular-touch point schedule. It is expected that each team has at least one touch point with each of its mentors.



Mentors are expected to respond to their teams’ requests for meetings and make themselves available for about two hours per week. Meetings can be in-person or over Skype/FaceTime/phone. Mentors will be interacting with young entrepreneurs and should make a clear effort to be positive and direct in their feedback. Separating opinion from fact will also be very useful to the startups. Mentors will also have the opportunity to attend the following events and interact with their mentees:

  • Weekly speaker series
  • Opening Day
  • Product Day
  • Demo Day
  • Other social events during Startup Launch

For more information or to become a mentor, please email Rhea Perkins at

Download the mentor fact sheet to learn more.