Startup Ideas allows students to pitch their startup idea in a supportive and encouraging environment. Coaches from the Startup Launch interview panel will provide students with valuable feedback, so they feel more confident applying to Startup Launch. This also serves as an opportunity for students to meet potential co-founders and receive feedback from their peers. 

“Startup Ideas provided an early opportunity to pitch our business to a member of the startup community before we had to give our pitch to the panel at startup launch. This experience enabled our team to understand what the panel was looking for in a pitch, which allowed us to fine tune our message before giving our final pitch. I firmly believe that this interaction with Startup Ideas was a key reason our team was successfully admitted to Startup Launch.”

Samuel Porta, CEO, Queues

“Startup Ideas sold me on CREATE-X Startup Launch. I met cool entrepreneur students at Tech. You don’t find them everywhere, so I knew I’d be meeting a lot more awesome people through the program (and I did!!). It also helped me become more confident about applying. You can never talk with too many people about your startup."

Anushk Mittal, Founder, Memeois​