Founders' Pledge - Who

Join over dozens of founders who have made the pledge. 

Luka Antolic-Soban
CEO, Sanus Solutions
Anonymous Donor
GT Alumni
Anonymous Donor
GT Alumni
Jeremy Epps
Founder, RotorX
John Gattuso
Thomas Gentle
CEO, Shotcall, LLC
Vien Ha
Founder, iSimuVR
Nolan Hall
Owner, TopTime Coffee
Cory Hewett
CEO, Gimme Vending, Inc.
Ronald Johnson
CEO and Co-Founder, TiiRN
Reid Kersey
CEO, Sniffer GPS
Song Kue
CEO & Founder, MiraBlue Bio
Tanner Leggett
CEO & Founder, Mandala Soundworks, LLC
Patrick Pittaluga
COO & Co-Founder, Grubbly Farms
Vedant Pradeep
Founder, Glucobit Inc.
Mahdi Roozbahani
CTO, Filio
Nick Shea
Founder/CEO, Athlead