GT Startup Launch

What is Startup Launch?
Startup Launch is a 12-week program for students to launch startups from their own ideas/prototypes/inventions. Students come in as teams with a clear startup hypothesis. Teams are provided space, grant money, mentorship, curriculum, intellectual property protection, and visibility.

How much funding do teams receive?
Teams will be provided up to $20,000 in funding through a SAFE note from an entity external to Georgia Tech. For more information on convertible notes, please read more about SAFE notes here.

How long is the program?
Startup Launch is a 12-week program which runs during the Georgia Tech summer semester. Additional meetings and events (namely, demo day) may occur after the semester ends.

Are there any credits or grades attached to this program?
This program will be listed on your transcript but there will be no credits or grades assigned to your participation or completion of the course.

What are the acceptable team sizes for this program?
Teams should consist of at least 2 people and a maximum of 4 people. We have a preference on graduating seniors but all interested student teams should apply regardless of their graduation status. Note that past teams have grown during the program (beyond the 4 person limit in some cases) which is perfectly acceptable and often encouraged.

How many teams will be accepted?
For the 2018 version of the program, we anticipate accepting no more than 35 to 40 teams spread between the two cohorts.

What is the selection criteria?
There are three criteria for selection: team commitment (teams whose members have no other outside commitments - classes or jobs - are ranked higher for acceptance), product/service idea, and market understanding.

How do I apply?
Applications open soon with an initial deadline in mid-November 2018 and decisions following soon thereafter. If slots remain, applications and decisions will be given on a rolling basis until the 2018 class is full. Applications are open now for the 2018 class.